Anastasia Beverly Hills E/s palettes paid by Mahtab, other items by Slave Arindam and Trixster

Posted 27/12/2017 1.28 AM

Paid for by Siddharth & K

Posted 31/5/2017 1.43 AM

Lavie Handbag paid for by Zico D & Sunil Z

Posted 14/10/2018 1.35 PM

Kurti churidaar set gifted by S Arora

Posted 17/7/2019 8.50 PM

Vibrator paid by Jimmy

Posted 26/10/2019 10.15 PM

Due to phone formatting some tribute/gift pictures are lost permanently. So all pictures of gifts/tributes from 10th of September 2018 will be uploaded from now on.

Sent for Diwali

Lavie Handbag & Loreal Brow Kit by Switching Sub

Puma bag by Vikas

Posted 28/12/2018

Sent beginning of the month, gifted by Gaurav and Siddharth

Posted 22/9/2017 12.40 PM

Kurtis paid by Atish, Aks

Posted 26/10/2019 10.25 PM

Sent by Alistair and Lalu

Posted 21/6/2017 10.46 PM

Diwali Sweets by Jimmy

Posted 28/12/2018

Sent by Jimmy, a month and half back

Posted 18/4/2019 1.25 PM

Brookside Dark chocolate by Arun, Sweets by Rakesh N

Posted 27/10/2019 12.23 AM

Thanks Jimmy and Varun for the food and drinks.

Posted 10/1/2017 3.02 AM

Flurys & Haldiram Sweets paid by Ranjan

Posted 28/12/2018

Nutritious snacks by Mahtab

Posted 28/12/2018

Bebe dress & 1 other dress for My birthday by Jimmy

Posted 26/10/2019 10.51 PM

Flipflops sent by Mahtab

Posted 1/3/2018 9.25 PM

Few Indian wear paid for by Sudipt

Posted 18/4/2019 1.29 PM

Jimmy paid for Fabindia Kurtis & casual dresses from different brands

Posted 17/7/2019 8.54 PM

Durga puja tribute tops & jeggings by Arun & Rohan C

Posted 26/10/2019 11.20 PM

Bata flipflops by Rajesh

Posted 26/10/2019 11.09 PM

2 tops sponsored by Shankar

Posted 3/4/2017 2.43 AM

Gifted by Mahtab

Posted 26/8/2017 6.43 PM

Some nutrition bars and mouth refreshers sent by Rakesh

Posted 14/2/2017 1.16 PM

Gifted by Jimmy, Akash, Mohit S

Posted 27/12/2017 1.21 AM

Raymond blankets paid for by Kuntal to keep me cozy and comfy

Posted 27/11/2017 1.23 AM

Sandal by Akash

Posted 26/10/2019 10.57 PM

Red thigh high boots paid by Anand 

Posted 26/10/2019 11.06 PM

Dresses paid for by Jimmy & V Menon

Posted 1/3/2017 9.32 PM

Gifted by Jimmy boy and Zico D

Posted 27/9/2017 1.34 AM

Capri & Kurti paid by Aks, makeup by M K

Posted 17/7/2019 8.58 PM

Lingerie gifted by Arun for date night.

Posted 6/3/2017 2.41 AM

Makeup items paid for by Mohit S

Posted 1/3/2018 9.23 PM

Sent to me by Anand G, Suprit

Posted 17/2/2017 11.35 AM

Flurys Plum Cake & Rich Dry Fruit Cake by Gomes

Posted 28/12/2018

Paid by Arun for my sweet summer cravings

Posted 18/5/2017 8.51 PM

Some winter wear & casual wear funded by Mahtab, Siddharth & Neel

Posted 8/2/2017 2.42 AM

Dresses & Tops sent by Jimmy & the last one by Trixster, these were sent over a month back.

Posted 18/5/2017 8.39 PM

Skincare items & hair mask by Mahtab

Posted 26/10/2019 10.59 PM

Makeup items paid by Arun & new sub Vipul 

Posted 18/6/2018 2.47 AM

Thanks to Vishal J, Arup, D. Ghosh for the gifts

Posted 14/2/2017 1.13 PM

Few pants & tops paid for by Jimmy

Posted 18/6/2018 2.39 AM

Gifted by Vinu, love the vibrant yellow stucco flats

Posted 22/2/2017 2.53 AM

Bags & Leggings sent by N and Mohit

Posted 18/6/2017 2.35 AM

Few tops/clothing for me, by Siddharth, thanks boy.

Posted 10/1/2017 3.15 AM

Makeup & artificial jewellery sent by Nimit, Sobhon & Nikhil

Posted 14/10/2018 2.06 PM

Moisturizer from Bath & Body Works + Ellen Tracy Wrist Watch by Rakesh

Posted 10/1/2017 3.18 AM

Dress & bracelets paid for by Raut

Posted 28/12/2018

Clothes by Jim Boy, Multicolored Bracelet by Eso Paap

Kori, White Bracelet by Jim Boy

Posted 26/8/2017 6.42 PM

Flipflop sent by Mahtab

Posted 1/3/2017 9.27 PM

Gifted by Sabyasachi

Posted 27/9/2017 1.30 AM

Bag from Nine West by NRI sub, Rakesh

Posted 10/1/2017 3.16 AM

Sweets from Chennai & Mysore paid for by Jimmy, Bracelet by Akash

Posted 17/10/2017 12.41 PM

Sent by slave Akashdeep

Posted 22/9/2017 12.47 PM

2 Fabindia Kurtis & 1 Suede Dress by Jimmy

Posted 25/11/2017 12.11 PM

Sandals sent by Karthick

Posted 26/10/2019 10.30 PM

Ensure health drink paid by Arun

Posted 26/10/2019 10.20 PM

Kurtis paid for by good boy Jimmy again

Posted 18/6/2018 2.42 AM

Dresses, tops & trouser paid for by Siddharth

Posted 18/6/2018 2.37 AM

Sent by Arun for Valentine's Day

Posted 13/2/2017 12.19 AM

Dresses sent by Abhi, Mahtab, chocolates by John L. Sent over a month back.

Posted 18/5/2017 8.34 PM

Paid for by Trixster and Arun

Posted 3/4/2017 2.37 AM

Kurtis & Trousers & Leggings paid for by Rup K, Vishal, Mohit S & Akash

Posted 14/10/2018 1.33 PM

Christmas cakes sent by Jimmy

Posted 27/12/2017 1.18 AM

2 New Lingerie sets by S!ssy Neha

Posted 28/4/2017 2.08 PM

Nightwears sent to me by Jimmy in November

Posted 28/12/2018

Sent in July, by Jimmy and K

Posted 26/8/2017 7 PM

High heels paid for by Basu, Amit S & Raj K

Posted 28/12/2018

Crocs flipflops paid for by Jimmy

Posted 28/12/2018

Paid for by Trixster 

Posted 28/4/2017 2.06 PM

Paid for by Arun

Posted 27/12/2017 1.20 AM

Sent by K. Prasad, never used this brand before.

Posted 21/3/2017 12.40 PM

Makeup & accessories gifted by Rahul G, Akash

Posted 18/4/2019 1.28 PM

Dress by Abel, Bracelet by Karan

Posted 26/8/2017 6.45 PM

Ritu Kumar Kurti paid by Mahtab, other outfits paid for by Raut

Posted 25/11/2017 12.13 PM

Sponsored by K

Posted 22/9/2017 12.49 PM

Tops & few makeup items paid for by Mahtab

Posted 18/4/2019 1.22 PM

Paid by Jimmy, helping me for protein rich diet

Posted 3/4/2017 2.48 AM

Kurtis by Jimmy, Necklace by Ankit, Makeup items by Siddharth

Posted 26/8/2017 6.40 PM

Paid for by Arun 

Posted 16/10/2017 7.13 PM

Valentine's Day dress paid for by Jimmy

Posted 1/3/2017 9.29 PM

Brandy sent by Jimmy

Posted 14/10/2018 2.07 PM

Tops & Capri paid for by Nimesh, Rahul G

Posted 26/10/2019 10.21 PM

Some chocolates again by new boy K

Posted 18/5/2017 8.24 PM

New crocs flats by Siddharth

Posted 27/12/2017 1.28 AM

Titan Raga Watch paid by Jimmy

Posted 26/10/2019 10.10 PM

If you have sent me a gift or tribute, take a BOW, boy! And get spendy spendy, and send me MORE, right now. You know Mistress Pramila loves gifts and tributes a lot, and loves her boys who send her regular tributes and gifts. Contact ONLY to send gifts/tributes (I do NOT have any other email id) or else contact through the booking form in this site.

Gifts/tributes sent from 1st January 2017 onwards will be photographed and posted ONLY here, no longer on any social media sites. I will not be posting any lingerie gift, e gift vouchers pictures or high end gifts pictures here. 

Converse Slippers sent by Jimmy

Posted 21/6/2017 10.49 PM

Bounty & Snacks Bars by Harshith, Haldiram's stuffs by Chaitu

Posted 27/10/2019 12.21 AM

Sponsored by Mahtab for Valentine's Day, love the pink dress

Posted 21/3/2017 12.45 PM

Kenneth Cole Pumps gifted by Jimmy

Posted 17/1/2017 2.40 AM

Red wine sent by sub Anand G

Posted 6/3/2017 2.43 AM

Lindt Chocolate by Rahil, Dairy Milk Pralines by Subhash 

Posted 27/10/2019 12.26 AM

Funded by new applicant Akashdeep

Posted 30/1/2017 2.48 AM

New Clogs by MY Jimmy boy

Posted 21/6/2017 10.40 PM

3 handbags from Caprese & Lavie paid for by slave Gomes

Posted 6/3/2017 2.40 AM

UCB Flip flops gifted by Arun

Posted 20/1/2017 12.52 AM

Paid by Arun and Lalu

Posted 21/6/2017 10.52 PM

Crocs sandals paid for by Jimmy boy

Posted 14/10/2018 1.27 PM

Sent by Jimmy

Posted 14/2/2017 1.14 PM

I love Nutties & also other chocolates, so Suhas (new applicant) sent me these

Posted 13/2/2017 12.22 AM

Bag by Arun, Dresses & accessories by Akash

Posted 18/4/2019 1.24 PM

A budget laptop paid for by Jimmy for my blog writing.

Posted 17/9/2017 2.57 AM

Handbags from Lavie & Caprese paid by Arun, Mahtab

Posted 14/10/2018 1.30 PM

Ethnic dresses paid for by Arun, Rajen

Posted 26/10/2019 10.05 PM

Sent by good boy Jimmy

Posted 31/5/2017 1.38 AM

Purple heels by Sabu, Golden beige heels by Nikhil & Black high heels by Abhishek 

Posted 18/4/2019 1.20 PM

Paid for by Arindam and Kunal

Posted 27/9/2017 1.40 AM

Dresses by Jimmy, jewellery by Kunal

Posted 16/10/2017 7.10 PM

Paid for by Jimmy

Posted 17/9/2017 2.59 AM

Outfits paid for by Jimmy

Posted 18/4/2019 1.26 PM

Hush Puppies Sandals by Harshith

Posted 26/10/2019 10.54 PM

Love these non fried snacks, paid by Jimmy

Posted 28/4/2017 2.04 PM

Paid for by D. Sabu and Mayankh

Posted 30/9/2017 1.05 PM

High Heels from Right, Alistair, Eso Paap Kori & Tommy

Posted 21/6/2017 10.38 PM

New tops, dresses and bag by Arun, Kunal & Hitesh P

Posted 25/11/2017 12.16 PM

Sent by Akashdeep & Rahul V

Posted 13/2/2017 12.30 AM

Just a Budget phone for private snapchatting with ME, sent by Good boy Jimmy

Posted 8/2/2017 2.48 AM

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Dress sent by Jimmy

Posted 18/6/2018 2.34 AM